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Tree Service in Hilton Head, SC

Having trees on your property is both a blessing and a curse, depending on how you treat them. Trees can be beneficial to you and other living creatures in the community if they are well-tended and maintained. However, if you neglect them, they can take away from your home’s overall appeal and put your life in danger. This is the reason why it is crucial to provide expert tree care to your landscape trees. Professional tree service ensures that your trees are in good shape and safe as they mature and thrive in their lives. First Tree Service can handle all your tree care concerns from trimming, tree removal to disease diagnosis. Your safety and satisfaction are the utmost priority of our company, so next time you need assistance with your trees, please don’t think twice and give us a call.   Call the tree service Hilton Head trusts since 2018.

About First Tree Service

We are a premier tree service company that mastered both routine and specialized tree care services. For many years, we have proven our unquestionable ability to offer top quality tree care at a minimum price. We make sure to bring out the best in your tree that it can continue to be an asset for you, and if necessary, we can eliminate it safely and efficiently. We have all the credentials from the license down to your added peace of mind to the insurance documentation. We operate using only the best equipment available in the market and make sure to maintain it for your safety. If you are looking for a tree service near you, don’t skip on First Tree Service Hilton Head, and we will show you what world-class tree service means.

Why You Need A Professional

As a top tree service company in town, we see to it that we cater to all of our clients’ variety of tree care needs. It is always our objective to provide a range of services that will accommodate not only residential but also commercial property owners. We have the full capacity to deliver excellent work no matter the size, species, or shape of your tree. Whether your tree needs a trim, pruning, or requires elimination, we are the men for the task. You can also count on us during times of emergency. We understand how stressful it is to deal with toppled trees following a storm, so we make sure to have our services available 24/7 for these kinds of situations. We can help you prevent your trees from becoming vulnerable to certain weather conditions by conducting a regular evaluation of its health. Our arborists can offer professional advice as to what is best for the health of your tree. 

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Our Tree Services

Picture of our climber in a tree cutting a tree with a chainsaw for a tree removal in Hilton Head, SCTree RemovalIt is always a difficult call to remove a tree. However, when it has become a nuisance and a threat to you and your property, there is no other way around but to remove it. First  Tree Service can remove any tree using our state-of-the-art equipment. Our arborists are skilled, and they know the right method to take down a tree, whatever its size and species. We will carefully assess the tree and identify any hazardous situation that may arise and get rid of them to ensure your safety. Rest assured that we will handle the task with your safety and satisfaction in mind.  When you need tree removal Hilton Head trusts call First Tree Service.  

Tree Trimming Hilton HeadTree trimming and pruning are not only essential for the appearance and health of your trees. They are also useful in keeping your trees free from damaged and broken branches that may endanger your life. Trimming should be done with the utmost care and knowledge because a wrong cut can adversely affect your tree. Thus, it is vital to seek help from a professional arborist who knows the right technique and timing for effective trimming. We have a team of hardworking and skilled arborists who can make sure your tree is in good shape and is free from dangerous branches. 

Stump Grinding and RemovalIf you are thinking of keeping the tree stump in your yard, think again. Stumps are not only eyesores, but they can also cause life-threatening situations in the long run. They can become home to a variety of pests and insects that can invade your home. Stumps are also dangerous if you have children who love to run around your yard, as they can trip over it. While stumps eventually decompose, it will take many years. If you want an affordable yet effective solution to your stump problem, we have stump grinding and stump removal services for you. Using our modern equipment, we will make sure to eliminate the stump in no time. 

Commercial and Residential Services – Trees are essential to residential and commercial properties, which is why First Tree Service caters to both. Our arborists understand your trees’ needs, and we can assure you that we will do no further harm to them. We will carry out the task with a high level of efficiency and care to ensure the quality of the outcome. More than tree service, we give the utmost importance to customer care because we believe that this separates us from the rest of the pack. As a local tree company, we know the needs of the trees indigenous to our area, that is why we are confident we can provide them the right care they require. 

Picture of a car that has been damaged due to storm damage with a tree destroying a car in Hilton Head, SCEmergency Tree ServiceUnexpected situations that affect trees can happen anytime, particularly during a storm. Intense storms can be detrimental to trees and put you and property in danger. If you face this situation, it is not recommended for you to take care of the damage on your own. There is too much risk involved in performing emergency tree service, which is why it is crucial to have it done by people who are skilled and well-equipped. First Tree Service will make sure to eliminate any dangerous branches and limbs and bring back peace to your property. You don’t have to risk your safety if you have us help you with your emergency tree needs. 

Brush Removal and Wood Chipping – If your property is filled with brush and wood chips, we are the team to call to handle them. It is essential to remove unwanted brush in your land, especially if you are planning to develop it into something useful. Getting rid of brush will also prevent brush fires. If you have wood chips from fallen trees or logs, we have our wood chippers ready and turn them into wood chips, which can be useful for gardening and landscaping. We offer these add-on services at a price that meets your budget.

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No matter the tree service you require, we are lways on the go to provide professional and high-quality tree care that you can afford. We offer a full-spectrum of tree services that will ensure the health and safety of your trees. Whether your tree needs trimming, pruning, or emergency tree removal, we are up for it. Give us a call and allow us to discuss how our skilled arborist can help you with your tree concerns. 

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