Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree trimming is an important service to utilize as it is key to keeping your trees in good health. Most novices do not understand the utter importance of having your trees trimmed. Did you know statistically speaking, more trees are liable to die at the hands of a novice arborist than they are from natural causes? We see it all too frequently in our field. So-called tree specialists will cut branches with no regard for how that puts the tree in danger. To avoid issues we urge you to call Oaks Tree Service or another reputable tree company before you attempt to cut them yourself. 

A lot of clients get specific about the way that their trees get cut. This preference is understandable, especially if you are someone who values the aesthetics of trees. Within reason, Oaks Tree Service can preserve the look of your trees while still priming them for success.  Furthermore, a healthy tree makes for a beautiful tree. We urge you not to risk the health of your landscape in favor of appearances. Ultimately, you run the risk of losing trees that you neglect. When you retain our services, we promise that you are hiring the very best. 

Even a novice can likely recognize you wouldn’t trim an evergreen the same way you would manicure live oak. Trees are like people in that regard. Different species are going to need different patterns to thrive. Our arborists know the tactics necessary to make critical decisions regarding tree care. After all, failure to recognize what a tree needs, can leave it vulnerable to issues. Trees require specific growth patterns to sustain long-term health. 

Like everything else, pricing is going to vary based on a few factors. For us to determine a price, we need to assess the characteristics of the tree. 

  • Location. Just like with removal, the location of the tree is paramount to determining the price. It takes fewer resources, time, labor, and specialized equipment to trim a single tree located in a meadow than a tree that is interfering with a structure. Trees that are entangled with other trees require us to be cognizant and careful. 
  • Height: The taller the tree, the more we will have to work to access it. To safely work on a tree, we need to have the proper equipment. Naturally, if a tree is small it is likely incredibly accessible. 
  • Diameter: The diameter of a tree matters. Thicker trees usually have more branches and limbs. 
  • Species: The species of a tree will determine its characteristics. Some trees have more branches and more variables that make them vulnerable to damage. 

Once we determine these factors, we will be able to get a game plan in motion. That said, we also need to determine how much you want to be cut from your trees. We do our best to honor your aesthetic vision while ensuring that the trees are positioned for optimal health. After all, the better a tree is maintained, the more likely it is to have overall health. 

Our arborists are here to help you and can give you their expert advice regarding tree trimming. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have before, during, and after the process.

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