Tree Removal

Oaks Tree Service provides expert tree removal for our customers. We have mastered the art of a swift removal, leaving hardly any evidence of disruption. We will have your yard looking immaculate post removal. 

It can be challenging to determine if removal is necessary. Of course, there are obvious instances where you’ll want to remove a tree. For example, if a tree is dying there’s a good chance it needs to be extracted. There are certain instances where we can help nurse a tree back to health. However, the process of healing a tree that’s on the brink of death can be very costly and time-consuming. We understand that sometimes our clients get attached to their trees. Especially those trees that play a significant part in the aesthetics of your yard. Even so, we urge you to keep in mind how costly structural damage can be. 

Tree removal is our most requested service, and because of that, we have invested a lot of money into proper equipment. You must hire a tree company that uses safe equipment because it helps the process go over smoothly. Understandably, most property owners know very little about how to properly care for a tree. Oaks Tree Service knows proper tree care and more. Including, when a tree needs to be removed. 

After you have contacted us, a few of our experts will meet you at your property to help determine the next steps needed. We typically like to have a few of our people on hand for consultations so that they can verify with one another what they are seeing. Once the walkthrough is complete, our team members will give you a quote. This quote will encompass all aspects of the cleanup. If you’d like, we can even go as far as to sweep your entire property to determine other trees that might be eligible for removal. 

From a pricing standpoint, many of our clients have consistently worried about the price of removal. After all, people often see the size of our equipment, and automatically think they’re in for a hefty bill. Frankly, some tree removals can be quite expensive. Furthermore, we typically cap our tree removal at $2,000. If you’re wondering what determines the cost of tree removal, here are the main factors we consider. 

  • Location: Where is your tree located? Sometimes we need to bring in a line or certified powerline worker to prevent further issues. We prioritize the safety of you and our employees. 
  • Height: This one is pretty simple to understand. If a tree is larger it’s going to be harder to extract, period. 
  • Diameter: The diameter of a tree is key to pricing. Thicker trees are going to take longer to cut and remove.
  • Species: Trees with harder wood are going to take more effort to cut down. Multi-trunked is generally more difficult to remove than those with single trunks. 

Suffice to say, it’s impossible to give you a concrete quote without seeing the tree in question. Oaks Tree Service is therefore happy to provide a free walk-through consultation to determine the cost and difficulty of the job. If you provide details over the phone, we can give you a more accurate gauge. However, the best way to diagnose the problem is to see it up close and personal. 

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