Stump Grinding & Removal

Stump grinding usually occurs post tree removal. Determining the cost of a stump removal can be a bit tricky because there are two different courses of action an arborist will take. When trying to decipher how to remove the stump we must consider whether it needs to be ground or removed, the location, age, size and species of the stump. Once we fill in the blanks, we can have a better idea of our plan of attack. 

We’ll begin by breaking down grinding versus removal. While most arborists will lean toward grinding, we are flexible and will work around our client’s preferences. That said, a lot of our clients decide they will go the grounding route because it is the more economical choice. Extracting a stump can be a very costly process, especially if that stump is heavily embedded into the ground. When grinding the stump, the stump will be pulverized and objectively destroyed. Once this occurs, the stump is then ground deep into the foundation and left to decay. If done correctly, you will have no adverse effects as a result. Stump removal is a different story. For starters, removal is far more expensive. Removal is more expensive because the equipment needed is a lot heavier duty than that of grinding. Removal is more costly and will require more resources to complete. For the record, it’s also more time-consuming in most cases. 

Now we’ll further dive into the other variables that affect the cost of stump grinding.

  • Location: The location of your stump will heavily dictate the removal process. Stumps are usually more difficult to extract than trees and will require more manpower and more time to complete. If a stump is in close proximity to a structure, or other trees for that matter, the job will be more complex and require greater precision. 
  • Age: Age will also factor into the price. An older stump has had more time to establish a complex root system. The older a tree, the more costly it will be to remove its stump. 
  • Size: The larger the stump, the more work and time must be put into grinding or removing it. A small stump might take a few hours to extract. On the contrary, a large stump could require several hours and more manpower. 
  • Species: The texture of the wood is determined by the tree’s species. For example, a tree with softwood is relatively easy to grind down and pulverize. The same is not true of a tree with hardwood. In that case, you will spend far more time grinding denser wood. 

Oaks Tree Service will happily remove any stump. Even if we did not remove the tree, we will gladly remove the stump. Our high-tech stump grinding equipment makes it so the job is done safely and in record time. Removing a stump is complicated, but luckily our team members have years of experience in dealing with all sorts of stumps. If you’ve been sitting on that stump for a while, give us a call. Let’s get rid of that eyesore today! 

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