Emergency Tree Service

Oaks Tree Service offers 24/7 emergency dispatch because we know firsthand how dangerous a tree can be. When a tree is in a hazardous position, one strong wind and you can find yourself in some serious trouble. We will always prioritize our customers who have active tree threats and rapidly stabilize the issue. We do ask that you put a considerable amount of distance between yourself and the tree in question. The last thing we want is for anyone to be hurt, and we want to protect our clients and personnel at all costs. We must mention that certain jobs will require a lineman or a certified electric specialist to help. While we can remove just about any tree, we are very cautious when it comes to electrical currents. 

The residents of Savannah are no stranger to storms. Here in the Peach State, we are vulnerable to tropical storms and hurricanes. When terror strikes you don’t want to be worried about are your trees. Post-storm our company will be dispatching our different emergency teams. We are on the frontline of any storm, working hard to bring homeostasis back to your property. It is worth noting that we typically prioritize residential homeowners before we will help those with commercial woes. However, if your commercial property is in danger, we will prioritize them as well. 

Let’s go ahead and talk about the issues you might face post-storm. We like to think of these issues in a hierarchy system of importance. We must prioritize trees that are actively in compromising positions on account of how risky they are. Therefore, any tree that is interfering with a structure or a powerline is a code red. Code red also extends to trees that are halfway pulled out of the ground. These are the homes that we will dispatch to first. Next, come the code yellow homes. Code yellow typically encompasses homes that have a lot of debris strewn about but aren’t currently in danger. We will be certain to get to our code yellow homes as soon as humanly possible. 

Please keep in mind that while we have to prioritize properties that are in imminent danger, we respect how trying storms can be for everyone. We decided to start operating 24/7 because of how paramount a clean yard is to one’s psyche. Oaks Tree Service respects and understands how valuable our customer’s patronage is. We want to take the opportunity to give back in times of need.

When a storm hits, stay calm and know that help for your trees is on the way. We are lucky to work in one of the greatest communities in the world and are consistently awestruck at how wonderful our clients are. Let us do the heavy leg work while you focus on getting your other affairs in order. We do urge that if you notice a powerline is down in your area to first contact your power provider. They will be able to safely instruct you on how to move forward. 

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