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Tree Service in Savannah, GA

Hello, and welcome to Oaks Tree Service, your one-stop-shop for all things tree care! We have been proudly servicing the Peach State for just over ten years, and thanks to our loyal customers, named the top Savannah tree service of choice. In our ten years of service, we have never lost sight of the people who helped us grow astronomically. Our scope of expertise enables us to bring you everything from comprehensive storm cleanup to speedy tree removal Savannah GA residents can depend on for professionalism. Oaks Tree Service has always operated from a “customer-first” standpoint. Which is why we won’t so much as remove a tree branch without your prior knowledge. We believe that the cornerstone of an exceptional business is communication. Our business model seeks to fuse our years of expertise with your unique landscaping goals and visions. Together we will create a plan that makes sense for your property, whether it is residential or commercial. Oaks’ tree experts are passionate about providing you with unparalleled service. Allowing us to help you preserve the natural beauty of your trees, poising them for long-term success. We’d be honored to show you how we came to be the tree service Savannah GA, locals trust above all others.

Professionalism Is The Key

We are eternally grateful for our clients who continue to sing our praises both in-person and online. Our loyal customer base continues to endorse Oaks Tree Service and continually praises our work ethic, unmatched expertise, and sensible pricing. No matter who you ask, when it comes to the best Savannah tree service, you are guaranteed to hear the locals recommend Oaks. Don’t just take our word for it, you’ll find countless positive ratings on trusted third-party review sites such as Yelp, Google Reviews, and Home Advisor. These reviews highlight our professionalism, exceptional customer service, and countless accounts of excellent yard work. We believe that a business is only as good as the team members that represent it. That’s why we thoroughly vet each and every potential tree specialist, ensuring that they fit in with the company culture. As a result, we’ve been able to create a network of incredible tree specialists and arborists who share in our enthusiasm for enviable tree work. Our dedication to exceptional work and proven results is what solidified us as the tree service Savannah GA citizens trust without question. Furthermore, all of our team members have an arsenal of tree-related knowledge and remain prepared to help guide you through any project. If you are not completely satisfied with the outcome of our work, we have a money-back guarantee in place to protect you. Call us today to set up an appointment, and you’ll quickly see how we became the top tree service Savannah GA has to offer.

Why You Need A Professional

Picture of our tree climber cutting a tree to do a tree removal in Savannah, GAOaks Tree Service first opened its doors a decade ago after being founded by three brothers. The inspiration for opening our own business arose from growing up surrounded by landscapers and arborists. We grew up influenced by our father, a respectable tree provider in his own right. Suffice to say we’ve been learning about the industry for as long as we can remember. Our company first started minuscule with most of our jobs being residential tree trimming Savannah GA located gigs. Nevertheless, we persevered through hard work and allowed our work to continue speaking for itself. We sink a considerable amount of our profits back into machinery because when it comes to top-pedigree tree service, proper equipment makes a world of difference. We believe safety is paramount to the success of our business. As a result, we conduct regular checks on our equipment to verify that it’s not only working as it should be but is meeting the appropriate safety standards.

Much like our equipment, we take pride in being selective with the people we hire. All of our team members have at least two years of prior experience. Additionally, all of our team members are required to undergo yearly seminars to maintain a strong competitive edge. We currently employ just under twenty-five arbor specialists. Every one of our specialists can perform our services, giving you everything from stump grinding to tree removal Savannah GA clients trust implicitly. It is our team’s philosophy to take pride in every job that we do. Whether the gig is large and multi-faceted or small and simple, we treat every job with the same attention to detail. Customer satisfaction is everything to Oaks, and the job is not over until you are content with our work. 

Oaks Tree Service was founded by Savannah natives, and community outreach is a top priority of ours. About five years ago we decided to start giving back to our community by offering pro-bono tree maintenance services for our local parks and institutions. Savannah is one of the most beautiful places in the world and we feel honored to help preserve our vegetation and environment, making it a place locals and visitors can come to enjoy for generations. We are a Savannah tree service that also employs a group of other natives who feel similarly. Therefore, you will find some of our most esteemed work on display in our parks. As locals ourselves, we understand the unique beauty and the incredible species of trees that we have in our backyard. We take immense pride in our community and our work and thrive on being able to fuse the two in any way we can. 

Last but certainly not least, Oaks Tree Service innately disavows providing work that is not environmentally conscious. We understand the crucial role that trees play in our world, and we actively choose to go about our work in a way that is thoughtful. We do our best to be preventative when we can, and always safely dispose of any debris left behind by our tree removal Savannah GA practice. We’d be happy to inform you about how we’ve paired with local institutions and vendors to lower our carbon footprint.

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Below you will find a list of our most popular services and how we go about our operation. Before we explain, here’s a quick note regarding some of the exciting changes Oaks is making. During the past two years, in particular, our company has grown in astronomical ways. Thanks to your loyal patronage and the countless referrals you have provided, we have been able to supply further services to our customers. Additionally, we have recently changed our commercial property offerings. We are now offering our commercial customers all of the same services that our residential customers have access to. We can now provide planting packages to our commercial clients, giving you access to everything from planting to fertilizing. We are also providing further landscaping beautification packages such as wood chipping and lot clearing. We are happy to be offering our local Savannah businesses these services!

Oaks Tree Service would also like to take a moment to discuss concerns regarding prices. While we pride ourselves on being the best value for the quality you receive, we understand that we are not the cheapest option available. Because we won’t compromise on equipment our customers will find we may not be the most cost-effective tree trimming Savannah GA operation. However, none of our competitors offer state-of-the-art performance we do at a reasonable price point. Furthermore, we are always looking for ways to help drive your costs down. We reward loyalty with many opportunities for referral discounts and incentives for writing reviews online. For more information regarding potential discounts, please speak to a representative today. 

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To hear more about what we can do for you, please call us today and we will be happy to discuss your prospective project. We also offer bundles and potential discounts for those looking to hire us for multiple services. Let’s chat! 

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    Tree Services We Provide

    Picture of our grounds crew doing brush clean up from a tree removal in Savannah, GA.Tree Removal: Tree removal remains one of our most popular jobs, and yet interestingly enough it is often ignored. Tree removal is usually pegged as a tedious and unnecessary job. Moreover, many amateurs will try and remove trees themselves in often unsafe and ineffective ways. Let’s cut to the chase, when it comes to something as drastic as tree removal, there’s no reason to leave it up to chance. Oaks Tree Service can safely remove a tree with virtually zero disturbance to your landscape. A poorly executed tree removal can cause lots of issues down the road. Don’t be negligent when finding someone to remove your trees! Go with the pros at Oaks.

    Our clients have often expressed concerns regarding tree removal pricing. While it’s difficult to give a definitive answer without first assessing your trees in person, here are some guiding factors that will help determine the cost. When we remove a tree, we look at four significant factors, the location of the tree, the height of the tree, the diameter of the tree, and the species of the tree. Given these variables, successful tree removal can range from $400 to $2000. To get a tentative quote on your tree removal Savannah GA located project call us today. 

    Tree Trimming: Similar to tree removal, tree trimming is chronically underutilized. What a shame this is, particularly because a simple tree trimming can significantly increase the overall well-being of your trees. Even if you decide to undergo one tree trimming job a year, you are still poising your trees to move into a place of better health. The issue with tree trimming, is most people think they can do it without any guidance. After all, how hard can it be to trim back a couple of branches? What many well-intentioned people fail to understand is that there’s incredible nuance to tree trimming. How you cut back limbs can have a direct impact on how energy flows through a tree. It’s important that tree trimming is done by a conscious professional to help alleviate the risk of injuring a tree. 

    Just like tree removal, the cost of tree trimming will vary depending on nearly the same criteria. To properly assess the nature of the job we first need to know the location, height, species of the tree. We will also need to know the desired degree of trimming. We are happy to have this discussion when you contact us today. 

    Picture of our machinery doing a stump removal for a customer in Savannah, GAStump Grinding: Stump grinding often comes as a surprise to our clients because they don’t realize it is a separate procedure from tree removal. Unfortunately, a tree’s stump is not removed in the same way the rest of the tree can. Stump removal requires a separate process and is naturally more invasive than simply removing the boy of a tree. However, stump grinding is typically an easy undertaking as it is typically done in a way that simply pulverizes the stump into the ground below. Rather than having to extract anything in full, in most scenarios, you can merely ground it down. 

    On the contrary, sometimes it is required for the stump to be extracted. We will try to avoid this method, mainly because it requires the hole left behind to be filled. Extraction is far more expensive than the alternative and usually takes more time to perform. We will always try and take you through the path of least resistance. 

    Storm Cleanup: Savannah Georgia residents are no stranger to the massive storms that hit our city. Here in the deep south, we are vulnerable to all kinds of severe weather, everything from tropical storms to hurricanes. If you find yourself in need of comprehensive storm cleanup, Oaks Tree Service is here for you. 

    Granted, our storm cleanup services are on a sliding scale, given the fact that post-storm cleanup looks different for everyone. However, in the event of a major storm, you should know that Oaks is here to give you 24/7 around the clock service. That’s right! You don’t have to wait to receive help. For anyone in a perilous and potentially dangerous situation, we can deploy a team at your behest. We understand the necessity of neutralizing a threat rapidly and effectively. 

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